Perfect for family gathering, Thanksgiving or parties where you want to offer a lower proof punch, this cocktail is perfect. Amaretto Cider makes up well into a batch and keeps everyone enjoying the party for those long Fall afternoons.

Great for an after dinner drink or just sitting around a table with friends this is a classy tasty drink. Not sure why the name, but if that's the case this drink is in the bag.

Black Russians first appeared in 1949, and is ascribed to Gustave Tops, a Belgian bartender, who created it at the Hotel Metropole located in Brussels in honor of Perle Mesta, the US ambassador to Luxembourg. The cocktail name stems from the use of vodka, a stereotypical Russian drink and the blackness of the coffee liqueur. The drink remains popular even today with its strong taste and great kick.

Fall drinks with Cider signal the coming of cooler temps and football games. One of our favorite times of the year. Spiced Rum, Cider and Apple Juice make a great drink that will make your party something special. Try Bobbing For Apples for you next party.

Dark And Stormy gained popularity during the 70's and has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Popular down under it is a great drink with a strong kick!

Fall in Tennessee is the quensiential Fall lDrink. Smooth and sweet with a back end of ginger this one checks all the boxes.

What a great drink! If you like gingerbread you will love this Honey Gingerbread. Smooth, sweet and flavorful it is a great drink to serve with food and for parties. It will go with anything! The lime cuts the sweetness a little and adds a tart after bite.

A great cold weather drink, the Nutty Irishman, we think ski lodge good, sitting before a roaring fire with a great book and your feet propped up. Rich and decadent a perfect guilty pleasure.


The original Old Fashioned recipe would have used whiskeys available in America in the late 1800’s, either Bourbon or Rye Whiskey. The first recipe is from 1895. But in some regions, especially Wisconsin, brandy is substituted for whiskey (sometimes called a Brandy Old Fashioned). Eventually the use of other spirits became common, such as a gin recipe becoming popularized in the late 1940s. The first mention of the drink was for a Bourbon whiskey cocktail in the 1880s, at the Pendennis Club, a gentlemen’s club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Common garnishes for an Old Fashioned include an orange slice or a maraschino cherry, although these modifications came around 1930, sometime after the original recipe was invented. The practice of muddling orange and other fruit gained prevalence as late as the 1990s. In muddling the fruit make sure to muddle the fruit but try not to muddle the peel too much. You want to release the oils and fruit flavor but not a lot of the acid. As with spirit only drinks what whiskey/brandy you make this drink with matters. The fun is in trying to find which one you really like!


This is amazing, it's pumpkin pie with a kick. If you love pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, you will love, love love this drink. Pumpkin Pie Martini is like fall in a glass. Enjoy!

OMG, this is like drinking your favorite candy bar! Salted Caramel Martini is awesome if you you want something sweet and yummy. Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and Kahlua along with some salted Caramel Syrup blend to perfection.

Cider and Gin, what's not to like. Try the Stiff Upper Lip and enjoy the taste of Fall. We used a smoother Gin like Blue Coat American Gin versus one with heavy juniper notes. Your preference but either way this one was a winner.

This drink can be served warm or cold. Great for a Halloween party or family party this drink has a little kick but not too much. This also can translate well into a non-alcholic drink for those designated drivers. Try the Warm Apple Glow and you'll know what I mean.

Brave Bull is a Black Russian with Tequila. Good drink for the fall and early winter. Kahula and Cream made over with milk and some sparkle with the added Coca-Cola. A light weight cocktail that was popular in the 80's this a great cocktail for when you have a long night ahead of you.

The list of drinks are: All Hallows Eve, Amaretto Cider, Bag Of Tricks, Black Devil, Black Fall, Black Jack, Black Magic, Black Russian, Black Widow, Bloody Black Widow, Bloody Bones Martini, Bobbing For Apples, Brave Bull, Candy Corn, Colorado Bulldog, Dark And Stormy, Fall in Tennessee, Frozen Nutty Irishman, Game Of Thrones, Honey Gingerbread, Kryptonite, Neverland Bellini, Now I See You, Nutty Irishman, Nutty Martini, Old Fashion, Pirates Tea, Poison, Pumpkin Pie Martini, Quote the Raven , Red Devil, Rummy Cider, Salted Caramel Martini, Scary Mary, Stiff Upper Lip, Swamp Thing, Tropical Autumn, Warm Apple Glow,