Maker's Mark decreases alcohol volume

It seems since their production can't meet demand Maker's Mark has decided to water down its whiskey to increase supply. At 90 proof since 1959 Maker's Mark has been a staple behind most bars for almost as long. A great whiskey with an approachable taste profile it stood up to dilution in many of the current mixologists creations. Lowering the proof to 84 will lower it's alcohol content by almost 7%. Social media has exploded with negative reactions to this change and Maker's Mark may find that the demand no longer exceeds the supply. Seems someone at Maker's Mark should have taken that basic economics class. For us, well let's just say we're looking for a new basic whiskey to fit the bill. Like WhistlePig Whiskey who has responded to this news by increasing their proof. While Maker's Mark has stated that extensive testing went into the change and that many people will not be able to tell the difference many people who love spirits will beg to differ. Time will tell on how this will play out but it could be Maker's Mark New Coke experience.