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Orange Cardamon Gin And Tonic is a great winter drink for Gin lovers.  The Root liqueur gives it a botanical spicy flavor like root beer and the Dry Fly Gin has just the right balance, not too much juniper, to blend it all together.  Adding notes of orange citrus makes it the perfect winter drink.  Experiment with the Gins if you prefer a London Dry style but we really liked the smoothness of this drink.  It could convert a few non-Gin drinkers!

Partridge In A Pear Tree rocks, we love winter pears and this cocktail is amazing.  The Pear Cinnamon Italian Soda, (purchased at World Market), pairs up with the liqueur and pear flavored Vodka with a hint of cinnamon.This could be one of those drinks that become your go to drink for both fall and winter!

Fresh, clean and with a great fall to winter taste.  Turkey Cinnamon Sour a Wild Turkey drink will please the whiskey cocktail drinker.  Not too sweet with a fair bit of sour from the lemon and a touch of sweet from the soda this is a great entry level cocktail.  Easy to make and even easier to drink.

Elegant and sophisticated in both looks and taste the Enlightened Martini is pretty amazing.  We started by using organic Dry Fly® Gin, a light clean gin with a smooth taste and just the barest hint of juniper.  This drink combines that with substituting the vermouth with another botanicals, Elderflower Liqueur.  We used Thatchers® which is also organic for one of the smoothest takes on a martini we've had in a while.

The blend of dark rum, chocolate and honey make Sweet Yulea warm cozy drink.  Great for after dinner or sipping with your pals it has enough taste to hold up to dessert as well.  This drink in one hand and a bowl of ice cream in the other... HEAVEN

Bourbon and citrus make the perfect holiday blend.  Boxing Day is an easy going cocktail that keeps a party going and can be sipped over a long evening.  The blood orange and lemon are a perfect balance to the sweet of the burbon and simple syrup.  This could easily turn into a year around favorite.

A fun twist on a Margarita Xmas Margarita that's red and green for Christmas.  The ginger beer goes well with the Tequila and adds a nice tang.  A pretty fun take on the classic Margarita on the rocks!

Spiced Coconut Eggnog is a tropical twist on an eggnog drink with dark rum and coconut.  To add a little more kick it is paired with some coconut Vodka.  Too high proof for your party?  Go to 1 oz Dark Rum and 1/2 oz Coconut Vodka.  Love the addition of the Coconut and Cinnamon for a fun holiday taste.  Anyone for a Christmas Luau?

If you like gingerbread you'll like Cinnamon And Spice Gingerbread Martini.  It is a fun holiday drink with a comfort food taste.  We used this amazing, albeit expensive, maple syrup.  There are times when using the best of something pays off.  A very different unique cocktail that will be a hit at your holiday bash!

Nothing says the holidays like a little sparkle!  We made a kickin' Devils Food Chocolate Martini and added chocolate stars and real editable gold flakes.  (available on Amazon)  This is a fun girly drink and one of the few that when you finish the drink well you have to eat the chocolate stars.  Oh darn!  Holiday cocktails should be fun and that's just what this one is, fun.

Christmas Citrus is perfect for the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  It makes up in a great batch punch for larger groups.  Colorful, tasty and beautiful.  Everything you want to have for a cocktail party.

Earthy botanical, Santas Mule drink with the combination of the sweet of the cranberry Vodka and the spicy notes of the Green Chartreuse and Ginger Beer, this is a different kinda cocktail that could make Santa trade his reindeer in for this mule. Move over Rudolf!

For the Rye drinkers in your group a fun and festive approach to a holiday cocktail is the Salty Caramel Sour.  You omit the candy if you want as the caramel syrup does most of the work but that little hint of chocolate is really quite tasty.  Your preference.

We have to admit that we really have fun making up the names of these drinks!  The Crazy Elf is a wonderful play off the flavors of the Tennessee Honey and sweet and spice notes.  The Rosemary makes this drink.  It also makes a beautiful holiday presentation for your cocktail event.  

Santas Ice Tea is a great iced tea drink that could also be served warm.  We preferred it chilled but either way its a great cocktail.  The whiskey and the chai tea really complement each other and the cherry liqueur off set the spice notes and sweetened up the tea.  Yum is all we have to say.  Great winter drink!

A creamy holiday cocktail that looks as pretty as it tastes.  Candy Cane Martini is a yummy holiday drink.  Add a candy cane tied with a holiday ribbon for a festive presentation.  Cocktail glasses can be prepared/chilled in the fridge the day before the event.  The syrup will swirl better if both the glass and syrup are chilled.

The classic Martini, you can make this with many different vodkas or gins. Absolut is an entry level vodka for many people. Clean and able to stand up to the olive and vermouth, start here and then again spread out to other brands till you find the perfect mix of spirits and olives. We’ve included many other Gins and Vodkas to help you find your perfect martini. The fun part is in the testing! Try some of the flavored ones as well.

Angel's Kiss is a sweet layered drink that has been around since the 80's. Too fun but just one can go a long away.

Two of my favorites Champagne and Vodka. Just a tip to make this the best tasting brunch drink, chill the Champagne in the freezer before mixing your Arctic Kiss while the chilling over ice works it introduces water into the drink through the shards of ice!

It’s a band, it’s a drink, it’s the 80’s. B52’s were and remain popular shooters. There are many variations to this drink; it’s usually layered by hand in a shot or sherry glass. Very tasty and on the too rich sweet side it remains one of the more popular bar shots.

Bacardi Cocktails were originally a Daiquiri served straight up just Rum and lime juice. As the drink became Americanized it included grenadine which gives it a sweeter taste and red color.

There have been whole blogs books and articles written on the Martini and if it should be shaken or stirred. Stirring is recommended for all drinks that do not contain fruit juice as it keeps the ice pieces created when shaking from diluting the drink. Martini people take their gin very seriously. So let’s break it down, Martinis = Gin and Vermouth. Modern Martinis use dry or white Vermouth. Now a days a dry Martini is one that has very little Vermouth, the dryer the smaller the portion of Vermouth to Gin, those with more Vermouth are wet. A dirty Martini is one where the brine from the olive jar is poured into the drink adding a salty taste. When you move into Vodka Martinis these are not true Martinis but are part of the drinks that are called Martinis or fill in the blank – tinis. Since we are more interested in what tasted good, a personal choice, we have a variety of Martinis including some that are tini’s called that more because of the glass they are served in as opposed to being a classic Martini. So have yours shaken or stirred, it’s up to you! Just enjoy. Like all spirit only drinks this is where you want to spend you dollars on the good stuff. Have a Gin tasting party with everyone bringing different brands and you’ll find that the tastes vary wildly. Have fun and bottoms up.

Black Russians first appeared in 1949, and is ascribed to Gustave Tops, a Belgian bartender, who created it at the Hotel Metropole located in Brussels in honor of Perle Mesta, the US ambassador to Luxembourg. The cocktail name stems from the use of vodka, a stereotypical Russian drink and the blackness of the coffee liqueur. The drink remains popular even today with its strong taste and great kick.

Classic is good, Champagne Cocktail fits that description. Perfect for almost any celebration, easy to set up and serve. Classics are classics for a reason!

The cosmo or Cosmopolitan was a fixture on the bar scene as early as the mix 80’s. The drink was further popularized among young women by its frequent mention on the television program Sex and the City, where Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, commonly ordered the drink when out with her girlfriends. The film adaptation made a reference to its popularity when Miranda asks why they stopped drinking them, Carrie replies "because everyone else started."

One theory on the origin of the Gibson has Charles Dana Gibson responsible for the creation of the Gibson, when he supposedly asked Charley Connolly, the bartender of the Players Club in New York City, to improve upon the martini's recipe, so Connolly simply substituted an onion for the olive and named the drink after the patron. Another story given by Charles McCabe of the San Francisco Chronicle states it is from San Francisco. A.P. Gibson remembered that when he was a boy, his great-uncle, prominent San Francisco businessman Walter D. K. Gibson (1864–1938), was said to have created it at the Bohemian Club in the 1890s. Whatever the origin the drink remains a classic twist on the martini. Simple and clean usually served with a single onion it remains a standard.

The drink's name is from Japanese Kamikaze (神風), meaning "divine wind". This drink became popular in the 80’s as a shot and cocktail that is served in a classic cocktail glass. The shots go down quick and smooth, so much so, that almost 30 years later they are still one of the most request bar shots.

A great cold weather drink, the Nutty Irishman, we think ski lodge good, sitting before a roaring fire with a great book and your feet propped up. Rich and decadent a perfect guilty pleasure.

OMG, this is like drinking your favorite candy bar! Salted Caramel Martini is awesome if you you want something sweet and yummy. Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and Kahlua along with some salted Caramel Syrup blend to perfection.

The perfect after dinner drink or fun drink to share with the girls S'mores Martini is yummy. This drink is sweet, strong and smooth. Not to mention it tastes just like S'mores!

A very interesting the Volcano looking drink as it layers itself as you pour. Lots of fun for a brunch or baby shower it tastes great and looks really fun

Very similar to a cosmo, the Cranberry Martini has an additional edge to it from the dry vermouth. Tart and tangy and not as sweet, we think this one might be a bit better.

An aperitif the Negroni is a classic drink from 1919. Slightly bitter, many people double the amount of gin since the flavors of the Campri and sweet vermouth are no longer needed to mask the flavor of gin that would have been available during that time.

The creamier version of the Pink Lady for this recipe is thought to have been around since the 1920's. As most older drinks there are many versions this one uses both cream and an egg white. Once named on Esquire's list of the ten worst cocktails, most likely due to it's girly nature and color, it is still a great drink that has more kick then one would think.

An interesting drink that is very different but surprisingly good. Snowball has a licorice taste with a cream base. If you like licorice you'll like this drink.

Citrus 75 - A riff on the classic cocktail the French 75, the Citrus 75 updates the taste and mood with the hint of citrus and a float of Gin. Very refreshing and light.

Citrus Brunch - Perfect for the occasion where a lower proof is needed like, brunch or a afternoon get together. The Citrus Brunch is a light pretty drink that hits all the high citrus notes with the sparkle of Champagne.

Florida Citrus Breeze - This cocktails if chock full of Citrus. Makes you feel like you're in the middle of a drink Florida commercial if they had alcohol in them! All the citrus juices and liqueurs blend well together and it’s a great late afternoon or early evening drink.

Simple and refreshing a Bourbon Stone Sour is a great go to drink. Best with Summer and friends sip one and let the conversation unfold.

A twist on an Old Fashion, the Claremont uses Orange Curaco to up the orange factor.

All drinks on the list are: Absolute Martini, Angels Kiss, Artic Kiss, B52, Bacardi Cocktail, Belvedere Martini, Black Russian, Bombay Martini, Bombay Sapphire Martini, Brandy Old Fashion, Bucks Fizz, Champagne Cocktail, Coffee Nudge, Cosmopolitian, Frostbite, Gibson, Grey Goose Martini, Italian Apple Martini, Kamikaze, Ketel One Martini, Lemon Drop Martini, Mimosa, Nutty Irishman, Pomegranate Margarita Martini, Prado, Road Runner, Salted Caramel Martini, Smith and Kearns, Smores Martini, Sour Apple Martini, Tanqueray Martini, Toasted Almond, Two Lovers, Viking Fantasy, Volcano, Wicked Tasty Treat, Womanizer, Aviation, Oh Be Joyful, Silver Streak, Yellow Bird, Nutty Martini, Yellow Parrot, Orange Cardamon Gin And Tonic, Partridge In A Pear Tree, Turkey Cinnamon Sour, Enlightened Martini, Sweet Yule, Boxing Day, Xmas Margarita, Spiced Coconut Eggnog, Cinnamon And Spice Gingerbread Martini, Devils Food Chocolate Martini, Christmas Citrus, Santas Mule, Salty Caramel Sour, Crazy Elf, Santas Ice Tea, Candy Cane Martini, Cranberry Martini, Negroni, Pink Lady, Snowball, Citrus 75, Citrus Brunch, Florida Citrus Breeze, Gimlet, Corpse Reviver #2, The Darb, Bourbon Stone Sour Claremont