NoMI - Chicago

On a recent quick weekend trip to Chicago I checked out the NoMI lounge in the Park Hyatt. It was beautiful. On the 7th floor over looking the water tower you couldn't be better. There was a light snow falling at twilight and it looked like a scene from a movie. I wasn't just there for the view - I wanted to check out the drinks. It was Saturday night so it was busy but we got a table and preceded to eat dinner and have a few cocktails. Our samples included a drink the server recommended called The Driver with Junipero gin, lemon, grapefruit, taylor fladgate port cinnamon bitters. Very tasty and warm going down. The citrus bounced off the cinnamon bitters to create a really nice pre and post taste. I ended up going back later that night to meet up with 2 friends after they went to the symphony. They tried Old Guyana El dorado 12 year rum, apricot liqueur green chartreuse, orange bitters, pretty good but not a repeater. One friend had Through the heart: Elmer t. lee bourbon, lemon, pimm’s no. 1 maple syrup, regans’ orange bitters. This one had the wow factor perfect for the late night closer on a very chilly evening. It was possible to carry on a conversation which was great but some live music, trio??? would have made the evening. Service was good but the bartenders were uneven. The early evening bartend was amazing with the drinks hitting just the right balance of flavors. The later bartender was a bit more casual which I think did the Old Guyana in, still good but not great. This is a beautiful spot with an amazing view and great drinks. A little on the high side in terms of price but you really feel like you're in a 4 star hotel living it up. So if you're looking for something classy and elegant with great drinks - this is it