Super Bowl Party




This drink does take you into a wall at a rapid rate of speed if you drink too many of these! So try 100 Miles Per Hour and keep your eye on the speed.

More of a shooter than a cocktail this drink definitely burns on the way down and then again after you swollow hence the name! Afterburner

The Alabama Slammer is perfect for those SEC parties or any football parties. Good as a punch or as a stand alone drink, the Alabama Slammer is a fun drink that won't knock the socks off too early in the game.

is light and cool with a delightful after bite of peppermint. Looking for a interesting drink that combines Gin and oranges with a hint of peppermint? This is just the drink for you.

is a drink that sneaks up on you. It shouldn't be good but it is. The crème de menthe gives it just the edge it needs to take it past the normal rum and coke. Great conterpoint to the dark rum. Give it a try.

Great for an after dinner drink or just sitting around a table with friends this is a classy tasty drink. Not sure why the name, but if that's the case this drink is in the bag.

The will hit you just like that when you take this one in a shot. Careful now!

The Harvey Wallbanger is reported to have been invented in 1952 by three-time world champion mixologist Donato 'Duke' Antone (Paolantonio). The Harvey Wallbanger was made popular by then Galliano salesman, George Bednard. Legend has it that the drink was named after a Manhattan Beach surfer who was a regular patron of Duke's 'Blackwatch' Bar on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood during the early 1950s.

Why the Monte Carlo? Even if you’re not getting together for cards this weekend with the guys it goes well with any guy themed event. This is a smooth drink that goes well with fall, cards, sports, guy talk and cigars!


The perfect card game drink, Royal Flush is a great get the guys together drink. Don't let the fruity flavors fool you this one packs a punch.


While no one seems to know when the Rusty Nail came across the bar I would suspect that it was in the late 30’s early 40’s. It would have been difficult to get Drambuie during prohibition. There is a brief history on the Drambuie page Made from honey and seceret blends the Rusty Nail is equal parts Scotch and Drambuie. A smooth drink that gets better as the Scotch gets better, we tried Johnny Walker Red but Cutty Sark would also be a good starting point.

Originally called the suffering Bar Steward, Suffering Bastard was supposed to cure a hangover. Not sure that it would but you don't need to wait to try it, this was one of our favorites of this batch.

We don't know if Jerry Garcia drank these at Woodstock but I'm sure anyone would like this drink. Smooth and balanced with a nice little kick, this drink can turn into your favorite song.

A twist on an Old Fashion, the Claremont uses Orange Curaco to up the orange factor. Reminds you of the Hollywood days of yore. Classic and tasty the Brown Derby Cocktail is great as a before dinner drink. Such a fun name, Playing Catch! The bitters keep it from being too sweet. Use a gin that is a little more fruity and not so much on the juniper side and the cocktail will come out great. Based on a James Bond book, the Casino Royal is a classic sounding and tasting cocktail with all the ingredients of a first rate cocktail.

Drinks on the list are: 100 Miles Per Hour, Afterburner, Alabama Slammer, Algonquin, Animal Attack, Ass Smacker, Bag Of Tricks, Bayou Bomb, Beer Buster, Beer Top, Blackthorn, Bomb Ass Mix, Bring It On, Brown Derby Cocktail, Casino Royale, Catch Me If You Can, Claremont, Combat Juice, Especially Rough, Greased Lighting, Grin And Bear It, Harvey Wallbanger, Lights Out, Little Italy, Monte Carlo, MVP, No Saint, Playing Catch, Point Of No Return, Pom Pom, Royal Flush, Rusty Nail, Seven Wins, Silver Streak, Slow Motion, Suffering Bastard, Whiskey Root Beer, Woodstock, Wow, Zorbatini,