Frequently Asked Questions

Midnight Mixologist is for people over the age of 21 that like a mixture of culture, style, fashion, libations, and events, all in one site, all for you.

We encourage people to let us know where and when things are happening. You can use either contact us, post on the Midnight Mixologist page on Facebook or let us know if you would like to blog for the site.

There are all kinds of variations on different drink recipes. The goal is to give you access to recipes that we have tested and taste good, at least to us! There are always different ways to do things but we aim to make Mixology approachable, give you insight into some industry trends all while giving you some drinks that you can make at home.

For those of you who want to go out, we have writers that must live in the cities they write about to let us know what is going on and how to get to the best places with the best drinks. When you get there what do you order and how do you dress…

We call this drinks with a purpose, taste, style and fun. Bottoms up!