Armando Rosario has an impressive list of titles. President of the United States Bartenders’ Guild: Las

Vegas Chapter. Director of Mixology for Southern Wine and Spirits, Florida. USBG State and National

Cocktail Competition Champion.  Society of Wine Educators Certified Spirits Specialist. Certified

Cachaca Expert. He’s the kind of guy you want as your bartender.

Armando’s motto is, “Make it fresh, keep it simple.”  His cocktails feature fresh ingredients crafted with

attention to balance and flavor pairings. As someone who holds the highest position in the U.S. IBA

Championships, he is a top-notch expert on the secrets to the perfect cocktail.

Armando answered a few of our questions to give us a look into what it takes to become a world renowned b

Armando answered a few of our questions to give us a look into what it takes to become a world renowned 

What are some of your favorite classic cocktails and what do you like about them?




That’s like asking who my favorite child is. Three of my more favorite cocktails are The Negroni,

Caipirinha, and Pisco Sour.



 I like them because they are classic, simple, have distinct flavor profiles

and give me the opportunity to use my favorite categories of spirits: gin, cachaça, and pisco, which

happens to be a road less traveled in the spirits world. I enjoy their uniqueness and heritage.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour


You were voted America’s Best Bartender by Cheers Magazine. In your opinion, what makes a great bartender?

The number one attribute is personality – you have to be able to connect with your customer and

entertain. Secondly is the knowledge of the craft and passion for the profession.

You are a cocktail competition champion. What are the secrets to a winning cocktail?

Taste is paramount – you receive the highest score for taste, followed by presentation so therefore

make sure your cocktail not only tastes exquisite, but is balanced. Practice makes perfect – when

preparing for the USBG World Cup in Berlin, I made The Real Dill (the winning cocktail) 300 times

before the completion to build muscle memory so when the moment came, it was second nature to me.

Last but not least is preparation because luck favors the prepared.

You’ve served as a master mixologist all over the country. Could you tell us about the diversity of food and beverage culture you’ve found in the different regions you’ve bartended?

I was exposed to a culinary experience around the world when I worked for the cruise lines for 7 years,

however my greatest beverage and culinary experience was the time I spent in Le Cirque in NY, where

I could utilize the finest and freshest ingredients in the world. Also a great experience was at The

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas due to the diversity of clientele and venues. After 9 years in Las Vegas, the

transition to Orlando presents a welcomed shift in culture to a more family-oriented environment.

What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned in all your years of mastering the art of mixology?

Always keep stretching yourself, searching for those experiences that fuel your passion for this

profession and industry. And always remember..”make it fresh..keep it simple” (Armando’s tag line)