Perfect for family gathering, Thanksgiving or parties where you want to offer a lower proof punch, this cocktail is perfect. Amaretto Cider makes up well into a batch and keeps everyone enjoying the party for those long Fall afternoons.

Anyone for pie? Apple Pie Martini is just that, lots of apple pie taste with a nice little kick! Save one of these for after dinner or just to get the party started.

Fall drinks with Cider signal the coming of cooler temps and football games. One of our favorite times of the year. Spiced Rum, Cider and Apple Juice make a great drink that will make your party something special. Try Bobbing For Apples for you next party.

Manhattan’s history, like most drinks, is not as clear as there are many ideas around the origin. A popular history suggests that the drink originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early 1870s. The original Manhattan was a mix of American Whiskey, Italian Vermouth and Angostura bitters. Considered one of the classic drinks it is still served in bars all over the world. This drink should be mixed with the best Whiskey you can afford as combined with the bitters the flavors are sharp and very enjoyable when you move towards the high end. Ours is mixed with Bushmills and affordable Whiskey that stands up well to the bitters.

If you like gingerbread you'll like .  It is a fun holiday drink with a comfort food taste.  We used this amazing, albeit expensive, maple syrup.  There are times when using the best of something pays off.  A very different unique cocktail that will be a hit at your holiday bash!

There is a lot of complexity in this cocktail with the layers of taste coming at you both together and one at a time. The bitters with the light taste of Absinthe is rich and a little dark. This gives way to the bite of the Rye then the mellowness of the Benedictine. Very classic for a great reason! Lots of taste. One to pull out to impress.

Fall in Tennessee is the quensiential Fall lDrink. Smooth and sweet with a back end of ginger this one checks all the boxes.

The origins of the French Connection is vague but the drink is not. This is a great after dinner drink. Great for sipping with Cognac and Amaretto it counts on great ingredients instead of mixers to give it its unique taste. With drinks like this it is always best to use the best ingredients you can afford. We like Amaretto DiSaronno and Hennessey VSOP in ours. Affordable but still great quality.

What a great drink! If you like gingerbread you will love this Honey Gingerbread. Smooth, sweet and flavorful it is a great drink to serve with food and for parties. It will go with anything! The lime cuts the sweetness a little and adds a tart after bite.

Margaritas have come a long way from the classic Tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice. There are many variations as well as serving options. Frozen, Rocks, Up, Salted or not are all part of the large group of recipes. A basic search could return 100’s of recipes all slightly different. At the core though remains Tequila and lime. Adding any number of fruits, switching out the liquors and lead to an endless variety. Some of our favorites, the classic Agave Margarita, the fall taste of the Italian Margarita or the dramatic kick of the Top Shelf Margarita are very drinkable. All of these drinks will get you started exploring the wonderful world of Margaritas and Tequilas. The fewer ingredients and liquors the better the Tequila needs to be for the best taste. Invented in the 1940’s it has, in all its permutations, remained a popular drink since then.

Jamacia Shake is an interesting blend of Bourbon and Dark Rum combined with cream. Shouldn't work but it does. Just use a really high quality dark rum.

Kahula and Cream is a great after dinner drink that goes down like a cold adult coffee! Low proof and very drinkable this is a great drink for when you just want something tasty to finish off the evening but still get up in the morning to go to work. A little on the rich side the heavy cream offsets the coffee liqueur with just the right level of sweetness. Yum!

Why the Monte Carlo? Even if you’re not getting together for cards this weekend with the guys it goes well with any guy themed event. This is a smooth drink that goes well with fall, cards, sports, guy talk and cigars!

An aperitif the Negroni is a classic drink from 1919. Slightly bitter, many people double the amount of gin since the flavors of the Campri and sweet vermouth are no longer needed to mask the flavor of gin that would have been available during that time.

Orange Cardamon Gin And Tonic is a great winter drink for Gin lovers.  The Root liqueur gives it a botanical spicy flavor like root beer and the Dry Fly Gin has just the right balance, not too much juniper, to blend it all together.  Adding notes of orange citrus makes it the perfect winter drink.  Experiment with the Gins if you prefer a London Dry style but we really liked the smoothness of this drink.  It could convert a few non-Gin drinkers!

This is amazing, it's pumpkin pie with a kick. If you love pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, you will love, love love this drink. Pumpkin Pie Martini is like fall in a glass. Enjoy!

OMG, this is like drinking your favorite candy bar! Salted Caramel Martini is awesome if you you want something sweet and yummy. Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and Kahlua along with some salted Caramel Syrup blend to perfection.

For the Rye drinkers in your group a fun and festive approach to a holiday cocktail is the .  You omit the candy if you want as the caramel syrup does most of the work but that little hint of chocolate is really quite tasty.  Your preference.

Cider and Gin, what's not to like. Try the Stiff Upper Lip and enjoy the taste of Fall. We used a smoother Gin like Blue Coat American Gin versus one with heavy juniper notes. Your preference but either way this one was a winner.

Fresh, clean and with a great fall to winter taste.   a Wild Turkey drink will please the whiskey cocktail drinker.  Not too sweet with a fair bit of sour from the lemon and a touch of sweet from the soda this is a great entry level cocktail.  Easy to make and even easier to drink.

This drink can be served warm or cold. Great for a Halloween party or family party this drink has a little kick but not too much. This also can translate well into a non-alcholic drink for those designated drivers. Try the Warm Apple Glow and you'll know what I mean.

An awesome after dinner drink, the White Russian is just a Black Russian with some cream added. Higher proof than you would think, it tends to be too rich and sweet for more than a couple but is a nice finish to a good dinner.

We don't know if Jerry Garcia drank these at Woodstock but I'm sure anyone would like this drink. Smooth and balanced with a nice little kick, this drink can turn into your favorite song.

A twist on an Old Fashion, the Claremont uses Orange Curaco to up the orange factor. Reminds you of the Hollywood days of yore. Classic and tasty the Brown Derby Cocktail is great as a before dinner drink. We love Chai tea, so the Chai Toddy makes perfect sense. Warm and good for warming you up on a cold night it's everything you would want.

All drinks on the list are: Amaretto Cider, Apple Pie Martini, Bijou, Blinker, Blood And Sand, Bobbing For Apples, Brandy Alexander, Brandy Old Fashion, Brown Derby Cocktail, Bushmills Manhattan, Chai Toddy, Chocolate Martini, Chocolate Pecan Pie Martini, Cinnamon And Spice Gingerbread Martini, Claremont, Cocktail A La Louisiane, Fall in Tennessee, Fall Margarita, Fall Punch, Falls Last Call, French Connection, French Toast, Frozen Nutty Irishman, Honey Gingerbread, Italian Apple Martini, Italian Margarita, Jamaica Shake, Kahula and Cream, Keoke Coffee, Monte Carlo, Mud Slide, Negroni, Nutty Martini, Oh Be Joyful, Orange Cardamon Gin And Tonic, Pecan Pie Martini, Pilgrams Punch, Pirates Tea, Pumpkin Pie Martini, Road Runner, Rummy Cider, Salted Caramel Martini, Salty Caramel Sour, Silver Streak, Stiff Upper Lip, Tequila Thyme, Thanksgiving Spice, Toasted Almond, Tropical Autumn, Turkey Cinnamon Sour, Viking Fantasy, Warm Apple Glow, White Russian, Wicked Tasty Treat, Woodstock,