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Scenes From Behind the Bar - Cold River Blueberry Vodka

Taking a look at spirits from behind the bar we're beginning with the perfect spirit to lead you into spring, Cold River Blueberry Vodka.  Starting with a spirit distilled from potatoes you can expect this vodka to have a richer, creamier mouth feel than you would with a spirit from grain.

Bordeaux Tasting

Sometimes it seems like the karmic powers of the universe are balancing each other out.

Maker's Mark Backs Off

Maker's Mark has decided to not decrease the amount of alcohol in their signature Whiskey they released late last night. Most likely due to negative press and public outcry.

Maker's Mark decreases alcohol volume

It seems since their production can't meet demand Maker's Mark has decided to water down its whiskey to increase supply. At 90 proof since 1959 Maker's Mark has been a staple behind most bars for almost as long.

Organic Blood Orange Martini - Stonewood

Dropped into a neighborhood bar and grill with a wonderful bar and drink menu - loved this twist on a martini. Made with tequila it isn't technically a martini just like anything in a cocktail glass isn't a martini but it was very tasty in a different way.

Cmtaka - blog

Good Drinks - Good Friends - Good Conversation

NoMI - Chicago

On a recent quick weekend trip to Chicago I checked out the NoMI lounge in the Park Hyatt. It was beautiful. On the 7th floor over looking the water tower you couldn't be better. There was a light snow falling at twilight and it looked like a scene from a movie.

Grace - Mixology 101 LA

Pullled up to the bar at Mixology 101 and had the bartender mix up the Grace for me. Love the drink, smooth a light clean taste with a slight green note from the botanicals it went down almost too easy. The base spirit is Grey Goose La Poire, layered on are pear, apple and lemon juices.

Great Book - Dr. Cocktail by Alex Ott

Just read the best book by Alex Ott who by himself would make a very interesting book.