The blend of dark rum, chocolate and honey make Sweet Yulea warm cozy drink.  Great for after dinner or sipping with your pals it has enough taste to hold up to dessert as well.  This drink in one hand and a bowl of ice cream in the other... HEAVEN

Earthy botanical, Santas Mule drink with the combination of the sweet of the cranberry Vodka and the spicy notes of the Green Chartreuse and Ginger Beer, this is a different kinda cocktail that could make Santa trade his reindeer in for this mule. Move over Rudolf!

For the Rye drinkers in your group a fun and festive approach to a holiday cocktail is the Salty Caramel Sour.  You omit the candy if you want as the caramel syrup does most of the work but that little hint of chocolate is really quite tasty.  Your preference.

Santas Ice Tea is a great iced tea drink that could also be served warm.  We preferred it chilled but either way its a great cocktail.  The whiskey and the chai tea really complement each other and the cherry liqueur off set the spice notes and sweetened up the tea.  Yum is all we have to say.  Great winter drink!

OMG, this is like drinking your favorite candy bar! Salted Caramel Martini is awesome if you you want something sweet and yummy. Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and Kahlua along with some salted Caramel Syrup blend to perfection.

The perfect after dinner drink or fun drink to share with the girls S'mores Martini is yummy. This drink is sweet, strong and smooth. Not to mention it tastes just like S'mores!

The Salty Dog is the vodka version of the Greyhound. Most of these drinks are a riff on the drinks of the 1930’s when fruit juices were used to mask the taste of sub-par alcohol due to prohibition. A great summer drink with a salted rim and tang of grapefruit juice it is a drink for those of you who prefer salty over sweet.

The Screwdriver reportedly got its name because American petroleum engineers in Saudi Arabia secretly added vodka to small cans of orange juice and stirred the mixture with their screwdrivers in the late 40’s. It gained prominent in the 50’s and has remained a popular drink since. It is usually one of the first drinks many people try since all you can really taste is the orange juice. It is an easy addition to your party list with only 2 ingredients, Vodka and OJ.

Many drinks are an offshoot of the Gin and Vodka drinks out of the 20’s and 30’s that are part of the Cap Codder family which is Vodka and Cranberry. There are many variations on this drink like the Bay Breeze, Sea Breeze, (Vodka, Grapefruit and Cranberry), Greyhound… Any way you look at it these drinks remind you of summer by the sea!

The Singapore Sling is a South-East Asian cocktail that was invented in the early 1900’s by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel Singapore. Originally made with Gin, Cherry Heering, Bénédictine, and fresh pineapple juice, primarily from regional pineapples which have a different flavor and when shaken create a foamy top on the drink. While you don’t need fresh pineapple juice using 100% juice that is not canned gives this drink a much better taste. If you want to go all out the flavor of fresh pineapple is easy to make if you have a juicer. Most readily available pineapples are from Dole in Hawaii and are still very good but if you are a purist you can look for Sarawak pineapples which may be available at specialty produce houses or grocery stores like Fresh Market or Whole Foods.

Sloe Gin is a red gin-based liqueur infused with sloe berries. It is usually bottled at between 15 to 30 percent alcohol by volume. The Sloe Gin Fizz is an off shoot of a series of drinks called Fizzes: Gin Fizz, Silver Fizz — addition of egg white, Golden Fizz — addition of egg yolk, Royal Fizz — addition of whole egg, Diamond Fizz — sparkling wine instead of carbonated water. More commonly known as a French 75, Green Fizz — addition of a dash of green crème de menthe. These drinks originated in New Orleans in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s and became very popular in the 1940’s. While the Sloe Gin Fizz is very sweet it does pack a kick.

Cider and Gin, what's not to like. Try the Stiff Upper Lip and enjoy the taste of Fall. We used a smoother Gin like Blue Coat American Gin versus one with heavy juniper notes. Your preference but either way this one was a winner.

The Stinger during the heyday of its popularity, it was considered an ideal "nightcap" for a night out in New York. Dudly, the Angel, orders a round of Stingers while lunching with ladies from the church in "A Bishop's Wife". The drink is also featured in the Mad Men episode "Love Among the Ruins," set in 1963, when a man buys Peggy Olson a stinger at a bar. It is also seen as a hair of the dog cocktail and good for those suffering a hangover or people who want a quick drink but don’t want the smell of alcohol on their breath. Add green Crème de Menthe and you have a Green Hornet a fun drink from the 40’s.

Daiquirí became popular in the 1940s. Wartime rationing made whiskey, vodka, etc., hard to come by, yet because of Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy (which opened up trade and travel relations with Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean), rum was easily obtainable. The Good Neighbor Policy (also known as 'The Pan-American program'), helped make Latin America seem fashionable. Consequently, rum-based drinks (once frowned upon as being the domain of sailors and down-and-outs), also became fashionable, and the Daiquirí saw a tremendous rise in popularity in the US. Originally served over cracked ice, Bacardi Rum, sugar and fresh lime juice it is now served frozen with a variety of different flavors. Two of our favorites are the lime and peach are included as well. Other fruits that translate well are peach, strawberries, raspberries or papaya.

An interesting drink that is very different but surprisingly good. Snowball has a licorice taste with a cream base. If you like licorice you'll like this drink.

This drink is all about sweet with an underlying tartness, much like a Southern Bride! This is a drink that is deceptively light, with 3oz of gin you need to be a little careful on how much you knock back.

Originally called the suffering Bar Steward, Suffering Bastard was supposed to cure a hangover. Not sure that it would but you don't need to wait to try it, this was one of our favorites of this batch.

Savory Tangerine - A very different cocktail the Savory Tangerine is for those who like a little herbal flavor. Using muddled fennel, Citrus Vodka, Blood Orange Liqueur and Tangerine juice this is a drink that is out of the ordinary.

All drinks listed are: Carolina Peach Sangria, Rum Sour, Sake Cucumber Cooler, Salty Dog, Sazerac, Screw Driver, Sea Breeze, Seven Wins, Sex on the Beach, Shady Lady, Singapore Sling, Slippery Nipple, Slow Comfortable Screw, Slow Gin Fizz, Slow Motion, Slow Screw, Smith and Kearns, Snowball, Southern Bride, Stiff Upper Lip, Stinger, Strawberry Daiquiri, Swamp Thing, Scary Mary, Silver Streak, Strawberry Ginger, Suffering Bastard, White Summer Sangria, Sweet Yule, Santas Mule, Salty Caramel Sour, Santas Ice Tea, Savory Tangerine